Characteristics of packaging upholster attention

Packaging decoration attention characteristics and rules of the important role such psychological phenomena in the promotion process, thus to understand and grasp the characteristics and laws of attention, for the design of commodity packaging and even the entire printing design, has a very important significance. So, pay attention to what characteristics? Note has two characteristics: directivity and concentration. Attention directionality refers to people in every psychological activity only choose one thing, while leaving other things. Social life is be rich and varied, and one person at a time could not put everything is perceived, so you have a choice, to have.

Concentrated attention, is the psychological activities concentrate on a thing, make the direction things reflected more clearly in mind. As people in the choice of certain things pay attention to objects, but also can inhibit and other things of mental activity, put your energy into the thing itself, so as to have a clear and complete impression of the things. From the physiological mechanism, attention is the objective things an orienting reflex activity. Whenever a new stimulus occurs, the person can produce corresponding psychological activities, so that their organs toward the stimulus direction, thus more clear, more fully reflect the object. Note that in itself is not a kind of independent mental activities, it is accompanied by the feeling, perception, memory, thinking and other mental processes, and in various psychological activities play a role to maintain and further. Note that the form is diverse. The purpose of the note, the note can be divided into unconscious attention and conscious attention two. Involuntary attention is without any predetermined objective, also do not need to pay attention to the will. If you are having a meeting, suddenly a stranger came through the door, you will can't help turning her head to pay attention to people. So the involuntary attention is passive, can't help place, so it is also called involuntary attention. The general store visitors are involuntary attention. Conscious attention refers to the intended purpose, if necessary, also need to pay attention to the will. Have a clear target consumers will consciously notice he needed goods, and other commodity to pay no heed to the surrounding. Attention is will governs and regulates the attention by the unique to human. Involuntary attention and voluntary attention although there exist differences, but in real life, but also are intertwined, can be transformed into each other. For example, accidentally discovered a new products, caused no attention to our. The curiosity of the control, we have conducted a purposeful, conscious observation and understanding, then attention becomes conscious attention.