To improve the quality of opening a new chapter of canteen m

In order to strengthen the factory canteen management, and gradually improve the canteen dining environment, enhance employee dining quality, the company restructured in the canteen from two aspects of environment and food. Since the beginning of November 1st, the Department of general affairs for the reconstruction of the canteen, followed by LD group shares abolished from the plant so far has been using the "mess" dozen rice system, using credit card system, which opened a new chapter in LD group shares dining room system.

Canteen reform is the first transformation of the objective environment. Add intelligent card machine, card; for the cafeteria dining environment also carried out the rectification; for food price stick out a mile, let the staff have more choice.

At the same time, the hardware, software restructuring must start. Software improve content: such as breakfast diversification, dishes with meat and vegetables, employees according to individual needs, independent choice, more humane, to improve the canteen with want better can get conditions. In order to improve food quality, make the staff to eat better, avoid wasting, the company abolished always used "big pot" system, using credit card system, namely each employee card consumption, we give some meal allowance, monthly balances can turn next month to continue to use, not enough, but by the individual prepaid consumption. The card fee is used up, by the staff to recharge, buy food. Accordingly, the dishes will than ever change. The card system will be implemented in 4 at the end of.