LD GROUP SHARES Works with Campus Job Interviews

Once a year the campus recruitment is the most important link of LD shares to attract talent in the plan. At present, the number of LD group shares Company annual campus recruitment accounted for 1/3 of the total number of graduate recruitment, have become the backbone of the LD group shares rapid development. This campus recruitment to "dragon gain new strength" as its theme, hoping the new powers in the 2013 session of graduates choose good, for the Dragon gains vigor to the future development of group company.

As a talent enterprises, LD group shares  Company set up training mechanism of talents, always pay attention to the selection and training of outstanding graduates. Graduate training is the LD group shares Company training system is an important part of the. First of all, the company will strict screening in the annual graduate recruitment, effectively judge talent category, for different categories of students due to culture; secondly, the company through three levels of training (graduate entry training, departments of professional training, the post on the skills training), to help graduate smoothly from the school to the community, transformation from students to workers, enhance the graduate skills at the same time, further evaluation and identification of personnel; grow as the company reserves and key staff, training for the technical experts and senior managers.

The recruitment of the scene, the company recruitment through the slide presentation, distributing promotional materials, on-site to answer candidates questions such as the basic situation, the company's future development, recruitment and salary welfare treatment and other relevant circumstances for preaching. Almost all seats are occupied. Each recruitment site, candidates to the company in recent years the rapid development and attractive salary, benefits and good personal development space show strong interest, and have submitted a resume. The students said, very early to know the company's packaging printing industry leading enterprises, the development trend of good business, provide fair development broad and promotion platform for employees. They have expressed the hope that joined the company, for the enterprise to improve training of the will of the ego.

In the rapid development of the company at the same time, LD group shares advocated "people-oriented, team cooperation" and "growth and share" concept of value. The company attaches great importance to investment in talent, enthusiasm, confidence, patience, responsibility to build a team for the development of enterprises to the first priority. "Growth and share" follow "cake and pillars principle", is a core principle of LD group shares  internal distribution system Group Co. Ltd., company value for customers, shareholders, employees grow fully share. LD group shares development space of joint-stock company is huge, we expect new force to join.